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Magnetic Signs

Sometimes a company vehicle needs the option of being used as both signed and unsigned.

Removable magnetic signs are the perfect solution and can be made available in different sizes.

Whether you have one company vehicle or a whole fleet, a car, a van or a lorry, we can deliver a tailored solution to meet your budget.

The magnetic signs come as either a flat magnetic sheet ideal for attaching to vehicle door or side panels, or a box, optionally illuminated, magnetically fixed to the roof of the vehicle.

The magnetic sheet used is a premium 0.88mm magnetic material which, if properly mounted and maintained, will withstand foul weather as well as motorway usage.

Our signs are durable and water resistant, easy to install, made to any size and measurement and are ideal for non permanent and multi use situations.


  • On steel shelving.
  • Delivery vehicles.
  • Courtesy vehicles.
  • Menu boards.

Some temporary use examples:

  • Taxi/Private car.
  • Doctors emergency vehicle.
  • Emergency services.
  • Driving instructors.
  • Commercial vehicle with more than one use.
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